DM Technology joins iconica!

We are happy to announce that DM Technology has joined the alliance !

Congratulations to the entire ‎ team on the successful launch of this transformative alliance! It's exciting to see such a dynamic collaboration between ServiceNow key players in the EMEA market, and we're delighted that DM Technology is one of the proud founding members, alongside: Aloha Clouds, atomx., Convevo, Devhd, Digital Clarity, exccon AG, Teiva Systems and Yawize.

As the market is constantly evolving, DM Technology is committed to providing the appropriate services within the ServiceNow ecosystem. We are confident that this alliance will not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of customers grappling with the intricacies of ServiceNow.

Congratulations to the founding members and partners! We look forward to the extraordinary impact and collective success that iconica will undoubtedly bring to the ServiceNow community.